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Happy Anniversary, Guildies!

The guild is officially 7 today, I say we celebrate the entire month of May!

Pajama party anyone?

Cryptic News: April 2016

kgm13 a posted Apr 16, 16

Guild FlagShip

We are currently 3 rooms away from completely unlocking the Republic guild flagship! We will be pushing to do commanders the next few weekends to finally get this complete. It has been brought to the council’s attention that there is some interest in unlocking the Empire side guild flagship. Details on payment, etc., was discussed and settled at the guild meeting, however, its rooms will not be unlocked until the Republic ship has been completed.

Rules Being Reworked

Expectations have been posted in the About Us part of the site with what we expect from you as a member, clearly stated, so as to help with any confusion that might occur.

Guild Bank / Rank Up

It has never been officially announced, but for the past year and a half, OasisX has been our guild bank manager. I and the whole guild thank him for his efforts in keeping it tidy and organized! I would also like to announce that OasisX has been granted a council position for the great amount of effort he’s poured into both the guild bank, and republic flagship room unlocks / decoration donations.

ZidZabre a Yay! I got my jibblets allovah the bridge!
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